“What’s my business worth?” “Is the price right?”

Are you curious about the value, or how much your business may be worth in today’s market?

Are you wondering about how to possibly value and price your business for sale?

A realistic business valuation requires more than merely looking at last year’s financial statement. A valuation requires a thorough analysis of several years of the business operation and an opinion about the future outlook of the industry, the economy and how the subject company will compete.

There are many hard-to-measure intangibles that are a factor in the value of a business. It is not simply a process of adding up the numbers from a variety of reports. Business valuation has been called an art, rather than a science. Estimates of a business’ value by various experts can vary as much as 30 percent.

Not only is there no consistency in methods used, but there is also no consistency in naming the methods. Each method has a variety of names. The important factor in any valuation is that the method used is relevant to your type of business, providing a valid and supportable value.

This wide variety of methods available can be a confusing array to choose from. That is why a professional is often helpful.

At Best Practice Consulting we can choose from a wide variety of valuation methods available and find the right one which suites at your firm.